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What Do Customers Use Barrier Packaging For?

array of 3.5x4.5 bags

At ESP we talk about packaging every day. Along the way, we’ve chatted with people from across a variety of fields. Do you ever wonder what people buy these bags for? You might be surprised. Here is a sampling:

  • Food: from beef jerky to baking mixes, food packaging is our largest customer base. With excellent barriers to oxygen and moisture, our bags extend the shelf life of a variety of food products and we have several tamper-evident options.
  • Livestock: a new customer who makes vaccines for livestock uses our bags to transport their product around the world.
  • Cannabis: as more and more states legalize medical marijuana or recreational marijuana use, ESP has been there to provide stock and custom bags to this industry. Our variety of materials help these customers stay in compliance with ever-changing state laws regarding packaging and labeling.
  • Fertilizer: several customers manufacture powdered or granulated fertilizers for house plants to large-scale farming. A probiotic client sends our bags full of his product to Ecuador, to be used in shrimp farms.
  • Technology: Colleges and Universities across the country order barrier bags for their labs to hold specimen samples and contain odors.
  • Monthly Subscription Services: our bags are perfect for to hold a variety of items for those subscribing to a monthly service for pet items, beauty or fashion.
  • Beauty: a New York City client uses our bags to promote their line of make-up, packing up runway- worthy eye shadow and brushes in our bags.
  • Fashion: a high-end handbag company places their wares in our stand up pouches, rather than a box or cloth bag. They love the way the handbags look in our Now You See Me bags.