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Oregon Continues to Improve Recreational and MMJ Policies

Kate Brown, Oregon's Governor.
Kate Brown, Oregon’s Governor.

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Oregon, along with their Northern pal, Washington, has been a vanguard for medical and recreational marijuana use outside of Colorado. The state of Oregon has been thoughtful all the way, making responsible choices that protect patients, the public, and particularly children. It’s an exciting time, and The Oregonian has a whole section dedicated to the topic so you can get the latest information here.

Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown just signed two state bills into law to expand and make the system more fair and safe.

Highlights include:

  • SB 1598 adds medical and research marijuana grows as recognized farm crops.
  • The bill also clarifies that home medical marijuana grows aren’t subject to inspection by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA).
  • HB 4014 removes a two-year residency requirement for recreational marijuana producers, processors and retailers.
  • Reduces annual medical marijuana card registration fees for veterans from $200 to $20. A 90% off sale!
  • Allows all marijuana establishments to deduct business expenses allowable under the federal tax code when filing state tax returns.

To read the entire article, please click here.

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