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Introducing Uptown Funk — our Newest Material!

Uptown Funk 3.5x4.5 bag

If you’re producing or selling top shelf product, why shouldn’t it be packaged in gold? These fantastic smell proof gold bags give your products the look of royalty. With a shiny gold exterior and silver mylar interior lining, everything looks great in these bags.

Uptown Funk possess excellent oxygen and moisture barriers, and is also FDA approved. A popular option due to its flashy style, while still maintaining important barrier properties, these bags will make your products fly off the shelves!

Uptown Funk 4x6x2.5 SUP

ESP Packaging offers our Uptown Funk bags in two of our most popular sizes: 3.5×4.5 lay flat and 4x6x2.5 stand up pouch style. Each size has a generous heat-sealable top lip. As part of our Swift Ship program, you can order quantities of 10, 100, 500, or 1,000 (or more) and we’ll get them out the door to you with quick, complimentary shipping. Order here.

Love the material but want a different size? Check out our custom bag options. Order quantities as low as 5,000 bags and done will ship in 2-3 weeks!