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How To Use an Impulse Hand Sealer

Hand sealers are the most basic and economical sealers on the market, and using one is easy.

Simply plug in your sealer to wall outlet and adjust the heat setting dial. A good starting point is 2.5.

Place the bag in the sealer and press down with your hand until the red light turns off, plus an additional 2-4 seconds to “set” the seal.

At ESP we sell 5 mm hand sealers, providing you with a .19 inch seal. Slightly bigger seals will maintain the freshness of your product better and will look more professionally packaged than a wimpy seal that could easily break.

ESP Packaging sells two sizes, 8″ and 12″, of 5mm impulse hand sealers. We also sell the replacement elements. Sealers are shipped via UPS the same day you order, so hop to it!