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Did Someone Say Jerky?

So tasty!
So tasty!

Here at ESP Packaging, there’s a jerky revival going on! We get several calls a week from people starting jerky companies around the country. From Hawaii to Florida, we have folks trying their hand at making jerky with a variety of spices and flavors. We even have folks making vegan jerky from soy protein. Paul is a vegetarian, and he cannot get enough of that stuff!

However, producing jerky is an expensive process because the cost of ingredients is relatively high. As a consumer, if you’ve purchased jerky before, you know it’s not the cheapest thing you can buy. It’s disappointing to spend $10-$15 per pack, eagerly open the bag, and find stale jerky. That’s why many producers come to us.

With flexible barrier packaging, our multi-layer films protect your jerky from oxygen and moisture, locking in the flavor and extending the shelf life. Jerky is a preserved meat–so it should have a long shelf life–but just because it’s edible doesn’t make it delicious if it’s dry and tough due to poor packaging. At ESP Packaging, we offer plenty of stock options that will keep whatever type of jerky you produce fresher, longer. We can also produce custom sizes in as little as two weeks with low minimum order quantities. Finally, if you’re looking for real branding solutions for your product, ESP can offer print bags. From understated to bold designs–we’ve seen it all.