Now You See Me (Clear / Kraft)


Want to give your product a natural or rustic appeal, but still want to protect it against moisture and oxygen? Pouchworth’s Food Grade large Kraft Mylar Bags are the perfect solution.

Our unique Kraft bags combine the food storage and shelf-stable technology of Mylar together with the durability of Kraft paper to create a free standing or hanging pouch that includes the best of both worlds!



Pouchworth’s combination of durable Kraft paper and barrier layers allows your product to be protected from every angle. The large, self-standing pouch is ideally suited to both store shelves, end-caps and hanging displays. In addition, like many of our other types of pouches and bags, Kraft barrier bags can be customized to suit your needs and can be printed with your custom artwork, logo and other items, so that the end result exceeds your expectations

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