Clear Mylar Barrier Bags

Our DuraClear clear Mylar bag is a fantastic high quality bag. It features a high nylon content making it very durable, and a superior barrier package.

  • All Clear.
  • Smell Proof + Oxygen and Moisture Control.
  • High Nylon Mylar laminate the ultimate Mylar
  • Keepy your product safe from moisture and oxygen

DuraClear is great for shelf display and heat sealing. Herbs, Jerky, cheeses, candy, and other food products will stay fresh longer in this barrier bag.

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  • Heat Sealable
  • Moisture Proof + Smell Proof
  • Increase Shelf Life
  • Insect, fungi, mold, and mildew resistant
  • Made in U.S.A.

Toxin free

  • BPA Free
  • TSE and Sulfer Free
  • Pthalates free


  • FDA Food Grade
  • CA Toxins in Packaging Compliant
  • R.E.A.C.H and RoHS Compliant
  • Kosher

Available Configurations



Stand Up Pouch

Stand Up Pouch


Size and Features Table

WxLxG (O.D.) Configuration Zipper Hang-Hole Tear Notch Heat Sealable
2″x3″ 3-Seal Yes No Yes Yes
3.5″x4.5″ 3-Seal Yes Yes Yes Yes
4″x6″x2.5″ Stand Up Pouch Yes Yes Yes Yes
5″x8.5″x3″ Stand Up Pouch Yes Yes Yes Yes
6″x9.5″x3.5″ Stand Up Pouch Yes Yes Yes Yes
7.5″x11.5″x3.5″ Stand Up Pouch Yes Yes Yes Yes

Approximate Volumes

Approximate Definition: close to the actual, but not completely accurate or exact.

This table is for general use only.

Size Water Herb
2″x3″ Teaspoon 1 Gram
3.5″x4.5″ 1 oz 1/8 oz | 3.5g
4″x6″x2.5″ 5 oz 1/4 oz | 7g
5″x8.5″x3″ 16 oz 1/2 oz | 14g
6″x9.5″x3.5″ 32 oz 1.0 oz | 28g
7.5″x11.5″x3.5″ 64 oz Varies

How to choose the right size sup for your product

How to choose the right size sup for your product


DuraClear is an all clear Nylon/LLDPE FDA approved barrier film. Its high nylon content gives bags strength without adding mils or weight. It is designed for use in a variety of applications including FDA Food and Pharmaceuticals, among others. This film does not stretch and has good strength and impact resistance. Not designed for use as static shielding.

DuraClear Lamination Structure

DuraClear Lamination Structure

DuraClear Technical Specifications

Specification Measure Value
Caliper mils 3.0
Yield sq.In/LB 10,300
Moisture Transmission rate (MVTR) gms/100 sq. in./24h .9
Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) cc/100 sq. in./24h 5.0
Burst Mullen PSI 55
ASTM D-882 Tensile MD lbs. @ Break 18
ASTM D-882 Tensile XMD lbs. @ Break 21
ASTM 689 Tear MD lbs. @ Break 64
ASTM 689 Tear XMD lbs. @ Break 64

* Technical Specifications are provided by our film suppliers and should be considered general indications only.


Moisture & Oxygen Control Technology

Your customers don’t want stale, tasteless, or moldy food. Our Dura Clear Mylar Smell Proof Bags and pouches feature the same industry leading Moisture Control Technology as our other products. Each of our bags are constructed with a specific combination of FDA approved food grade materials that are engineered to control both oxygen and moisture within the bag. This bag will keep your edible product fresh and tasty longer. You will also experience much increased shelf life. Feel free to contact us for precise data on the oxygen and moisture transmission features of our products including OTR and MVTR data.

  • Lock in flavor.
  • Extend shelf life.
  • Keeps fresh fresh even after opening
  • Insects, fungi, mold, and mildew resistant.
  • High OTR and MVTR ratings. (ASTM-1434-66 testing standards)


Hundreds of Additional Sizes Available

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