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Terms and Conditions

Quantity Variance on Custom Orders

All Custom orders including custom sized bags, custom colored bags, or custom printed bags are subject to delivery quantity variances for un-printed custom products this variance is +/- 10%, on printed products quantity variance is +/- 20%. Customer may request no overs and unders for a additional fee.

Weights, Measurements, and Specifications

The values indicated for weights, volume, bag measurements  and bag specifications, including performance characteristics, are the results of tests made in compliance with the normal standards. These values are given as an indication and should be considered as average values and given without any obligation on our part. Film specifications were provided to ESP Packaging by our film supplier.

Measurement tolerances: are industry standard +/- 0.125″

Suitability for Applications

It is the customer’s sole responsibility to determine suitability of any product we sell  for their application based upon their own determination.

Print Work

Printed bag projects are quoted without reviewing approved high resolution final artwork. Printed bag quotes may change based upon many factors including packaging functionality, application parameters, print positioning, and art requirements.

*Plate count is only possible to provide after final production artwork is approved. The number of plates required depends upon many factors including art design, color choice (Process vs. PMS colors), and common plate strategies between multiple SKUs. We stand ready to help your artist with artwork development to maximize graphic impact while potentially reducing the number of plates required.