Custom Sized Bags

Made To Order Sizing

Why spend hours trying to find the bag that will fit your product. Instead just buy a high quality barrier bag from us in your exact size. With ESP you design your own bag to exactly as you want it.
Advantages Of Customizing

Exact Sizing

Ship in 2 Weeks

40 Materials

Low MOQs

Made In USA

Printing Available

Available Configurations

Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches are Popular and useful, but one size does not fit all.

Lay Flat Pouch

3 seal top loading pouches are great for many applications, and have better price points than Stand Up Pouches.

Tamper Evident

A preferred FDA configuration, you load product from the bottom, and the top is pre-sealed.

2-Seal Pouch

2-seal pouches are tried and true and offer great conformity for loose materials. The bottom of the bag folds over in a traditional format.

Bag Sizing

Yes, you can completely customize the size!
Any size is possible. Width and Length are both adjustable, and customized to whatever you need.
  • Features: Add or Remove Zippers, Tear Notches, etc
  • Sizing: Complete Customized
  • Seal: Adjust seal thickness

Barrier Film Options

We offer over 40 material options, the most popular are listed below:

Clear Options

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Opaque Barrier Films

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