Custom Barrier Bags

Why spend hours trying to find the bag that will fit your product. Instead just buy a high quality barrier bag from us in your exact size. With ESP you design your own bag to exactly as you want it.


  • Stand Up Pouches are Popular and useful, but one size does not fit all.
  • 3 seal top loading pouches are great for many applications, and have better price points than Stand Up Pouches.
  • A preferred FDA configuration, you load product from the bottom, and the top is pre-sealed.
  • 2-seal pouches are tried and true and offer great conformity for loose materials. The bottom of the bag folds over in a traditional format.


Yes, you can completely customize the size! Any size is possible. Width and Length are both adjustable, and customized to whatever you need.

  • Features: Add or Remove Zippers, Tear Notches, etc
  • Sizing: Complete Customized
  • Seal: Adjust seal thickness

We offer over 40 material options, the most popular are listed below:

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